Composition Contest Winners Recital

Post date: Apr 17, 2017 4:48:42 PM

Winners in the 2017 LMTA Composition Contest recently showcased their compositions in a recital held at Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church. There were thirty-seven total student entries in divisions elementary through adult. All compositions will be published in the 2017 LMTA Composition Volume publication which will also be available to the public. Inquire at The following student compositions were performed: Their teachers are in parenthesis:

First Row left to right: Penelope Willis, Grair Meranda, Zander A. Ferguson, Josiah Rabe, Emily Lovegrove.

Second Row left to right: Marge Underwood, Jessica Freeman, Sarah Webb, Grace Niebuhr, Noah Robb, Gabriel Marks

Third Row left to right: Marina Fabrikant, David Campbell, Julia Ehlers, Nathan Makinson, Ella Shaddick, Dorothy Marks

Fourth Row left to right: Marcia Wiebers, David von Kampen, Jane Sonneland, Daniel Ikpeama, Alex Arstrong, Nancy Schoen, Charlotte Heermann, Svetlana YashirinNot pictured: Martha Walstad and Elise Friesen

Early Elementary (though grade 2): 1st place tie, Emily Lovegrove (Marcia Wiebers) with Josiah Rabe (Jessica Freeman); 2nd place tie: Zander A. Ferguson (Nancy Schoen) with Grair Merand (Wiebers); 3rd place, Penelope Willis (Charlotte Heermann).

Late Elementary (grades 3-5): 1st place: Gabriel Marks (Jessica Freeman); 2nd place: Sarah Webb; 3rd place: Noah Robb; Honorable Mention: Grace Niebuhr (all Marcia Wiebers).

Junior Division (grades 6-8): 1st place: Dorothy Marks (Freeman); 2nd place: Ella Shaddick (Wiebers); 3rd place: Nathan J. Mackinson (Wiebers); Julia Ehlers (Jane Sonneland).

Senior Division (grades 9-12): 1st place: David Campbell (Wiebers); 2nd Place: Martha Walstad (Nancy Schoen); 3rd place: Elise Friesen (Heermann).

Adult Student Division: 1st place: Alex Armstrong; 2nd place Daniel Ikpeama (both Marina Fabrikant).

David von Kampen adjudicated the event. He is a Lincoln-based composer whose work spans a wide variety of genres and styles, including jazz, choral music, hymnody and liturgy, solo voice, chamber music, and musical theater.

First, second and third place winners won cash prizes. Honorable Mention awards were given gift certificates donated by Dietze Music House. All students received a certificate of participate in addition to helpful comments by the judge.

Participating teachers included Nancy Buxton, Marina Fabrikant, Jessica Freeman, Charlotte Heermann, Nancy L. Schoen, Jane Sonneland and Marcia Wiebers. The event was co-chaired by Marcia Wiebers, Marina Fabrikant and Marjorie Underwood.

For PDF of Program please follow this Link.