LMTA hosts a noncompetitive NMTA Lincoln District Festival at Nebraska Wesleyan University each year in spring. Students play memorized pieces for a rating and also take an ear training and theory test.  Olympic type medals are awarded for a Superior (I) performance rating and an Honorary Theory Certificate for a theory/ear training grade of 90% or above. Students with a performance rating of Excellent (II) or better and a passing theory score advance to the NMTA State Festival level where they may earn a trophy. An Honors Recital is offered at the Lincoln District level for those who receive a I-, I or I+ performance rating.

Pre-college students may enter in the fields of piano, orchestra strings, voice, woodwinds, brass, percussion, plectrum guitar and classical guitar. 

Festival Honors Recital Performers

Festival Date: April 20, 2024

On-line Entry Begins:  February 9, 2024

Registration Deadline: March 10, 2024

Location: Nebraska Wesleyan University

Last day to change student times: March 24, 2024

Last day to change repertoire: April 10, 2024

Online Registration Form

Username: your full email address

Password: your MTNA membership number

Steps for Online Registration

Online Entry Form: For the Lincoln District Festival ONLY, registration can be done online.  You will need to complete the form for EACH student participating in the event.  Please fill in the form completely to the end and hit submit.  You will receive a confirmation screen if your registration was done correctly.  There will be a link on the confirmation screen to go back to the beginning of the form to add another student.  You are able to go back and change information within the form ONLY if you have not hit the “submit” button at the end.  If there are errors in your submission after you have hit the “submit” button, please email webmaster@lmta.info with the corrections.  

Nebraska Music Teachers Association Festival Information and Theory Tests Samples

Festival Information and Tips

Nebraska State Festival

NMTA sponsors a non-competitive State Festival in the fall of each year. In order to qualify for the NMTA pre-college performance festival, a student must meet the following requirements:

This is a non-competitive performance opportunity. Students receive ratings on their performances, general evaluations of their scales, and scores on the test on theory and musicianship.