Membership Info

LMTA welcomes teachers of all music areas. We have different levels of membership, so you can participate. Check out our Levels of Membership page for more details. Even if you are a college student thinking about teaching, or a retired teacher who wants to help with the promotion of the arts, LMTA has a place for you.

There are several methods for obtaining membership in LMTA. See our Membership Dues page for more details regarding dues payment; this link also includes information on the dates of the current membership year.

If you would like to attend an LMTA meeting as a guest, contact the LMTA president at

Membership & Payment Information:

You can complete the membership form found on the MTNA membership webpage or mail the form and payment to:


441 Vine St., Ste. 3100

Cincinnati, OH 45202-3004

Once MTNA has received your application and dues, LMTA Membership chair will be notified of your new membership. If you have further questions regarding membership, please contact our membership committee.