LMTA Spring Recital


Students are encourage to perform solo repertoire from memory. Chamber music, ensemble repertoire, and accompanied solo repertoire may be performed with the use of the musical score.

Students are encouraged to play original music for their instrument whenever possible. Original music is available for nearly every instrument at all levels from beginning to advanced. Use of simplified arrangements is discouraged.

A student must have studied at least six moths with the teacher who presents that student on a recital.

A teacher may present four students on each recital. The recital may be split into two recitals at the discretion of the Recital Program Chair, if the length of the program dictates. Each Recital must have a minimum of eight students or it will be canceled.

Recital Fee is $3.00 for each student, regardless of length of performance. Each teacher should submit one check payable to LMTA for their entire group of students. Fees will be reatined for canceled performances, however, may be credited to the next LMTA Recital without additional charges. 

One week before a recital, send the following information and check to Recital Chair TBD.

Teacher's Name

Entrant's name and age or grade

Title of composition and name of composer

EXACT length of performance

$3.00 for each student