LMTA Fall Recital

Post date: Sep 20, 2011 4:32:04 AM

LMTA Members,

This is a reminder message about the LMTA Fall Recital. It may seem hard to believe it is time to register your students who will be performing. Remember this recital is also a good opportunity for students participating in the State Festival to perform their pieces.

The Fall Recital will be held at Calvary Lutheran Church, 2788 Franklin St. at 2:00 p.m. Saturday, October 8th.

I am including the Recital Participant Form for your convenience. You may make extra copies if you need to, then return the form(s) to me along with the $2.50 per student fee (please see below for PayPal payment option). You may choose to send me the information by E-mail but please give me all the information required on the form. Please remember to send me the fees by the deadline. If a student is playing two pieces, fill out two information slots and bracket them together. The deadline for getting the information and fees to me is September 24.

Please review the Student Recitals guidelines in your new LMTA Yearbook. Note the information about memorizing music, performing original music, length of study and limit of four students per studio. If we follow these guidelines I am sure the recital will be successful and the students will feel very comfortable performing.

Thank you,

Barbara Jones, LMTA Recital Chair

5730 Prescott Ave.

Lincoln, NE 68506


[email protected]