Piano/Instrument Donation

Thank you for considering the LMTA Music Outreach Program! The Music Outreach Program serves children who could not otherwise afford music lessons. An LMTA representative will contact you to evaluate your piano or instrument prior to acceptance.

To Donate an instrument please use one of the following methods:

A recipient of a music outreach instrument who successfully stays in the program for three years will be awarded the instrument. The student must be identified by a person in authority, such as a school music teacher, principal, guidance counselor or LMTA independent music teacher as being talented and interested in pursuing music lessons. Additionally, the student is identified as being in an unusual circumstance or at risk whereby music lessons would be of great benefit, and is financially needy. The identifying person would complete a talent profile and an application to also be signed by a parent or guardian. Students in the Music Outreach Program are given chances to perform throughout the year. Please see our Calendar of Events for recital times and dates.